Licensing on ready-to-use technologies

Thanks to a performing and dynamic internal R&D, Capsulæ now offers to its clients turnkey solutions in addition to Contract R&D services.

The "Proof of concept" or "Feasibility study" stages are already carried out, allowing the technical and financial risk to be significantly reduced (i.e. innovation process secured). This means a quick access to technologies that are fully developed, adapted to the requirements of the market, and ready to be integrated into an industrial development process.

These technologies, offered through patent and/or know-how licensing agreements following a short adaptation and validation study, are available under various forms/names:

CapsuBeads - using dripping technologies





Know-how Licensing is proposed on the basis of a comprehensive preliminary analysis of the customer's problem and the identification in our technological portfolio of an existing solution fulfilling precisely the requirements of the project specification:

  • c Adaptation study
    Transposition of the encapsulation method to the active ingredient of interest:
    F Adjustment of the key operating parameters according to the characteristics of the compound to encapsulate
    and the final application
    Production of prototypes at lab scale (10's-100's g)
    F Analysis and characterization of the samples produced
  • d Validation of the process
    On the basis of the results obtained with the prototypes at lab scale, selection of optimal operating conditions for the production of demonstration batches at small pilot scale (2-20 kg)
  • e Technology transfer and Production
    Externalized production in the facilities of one of our partners, specifically selected among our network of subcontractors according to the volumes to produce

Licensing 1

Our commitments:

  • The quick supply of an optimal solution to your problem;
  • The provision of efficient formulations, closer to the most recent advances of the state of the art;
  • The access to a technology immediately ready for large-scale production.