The assurance to get a full service,
from your idea to your product

As a private RTD performer, Contract R&D has always been our core business since the inception of the company in 2006.


Following first discussions in complete confidentiality, we proceed to an in-depth analysis of your problem in order to establish a detailed project specification (answering your technical and economic constraints), and define the technological approaches that will be tested subsequently.

Our offer is then based on the idea of proposing an accompaniment that is broken down into different stages, specifically adapted to meet the needs of our clients:

  • c Feasibility study - Proof of concept
    Development of the best-suited encapsulation method to fulfil customer's requirements:
    F Evaluation of the different technical approaches identified during problem analysis
    F Testing of several formulations and production of prototypes at lab scale (10's-100's g)
    F Analysis and characterization of the samples produced
    F Conclusions and recommendations
  • d Optimisation and Validation of the process developed
    On the basis of the results obtained with the first prototypes at lab scale, selection and optimization of the most relevant approach, notably with the objective of controlling production at pilot/preindustrial scale:
    F Adjustment of the key operating parameters
    F Production of demonstration batches at small pilot scale (2-20 kg)
    F Scaling-up study, as a preamble to the industrialization and production steps
  • e Technology transfer and Support to industrialization
    Assistance / Support for scaling-up, up to industrial production:
    F via on-site technical assistance for an internalized production
    F via technology transfer to one of our partners, specifically selected from our network of subcontractors, for an externalized production


Our commitments:

  • a Project Manager with a Ph.D. level ;
  • the implementation of material and human resources necessary for the realization of the program defined ;
  • the execution of the work in accordance with the rules of the art.

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