A thorough and customized accompaniment on each development phase of your innovation

Capsulæ offers a full range of services for developing products and processes based on microencapsulation, including the following :


  •  Design of innovative solutions and Feasibility studies
  •  Encapsulation problem solving
  •  Scaling-up studies and Pilot-scale evaluation
  •  Small pilot-scale production
  •  Patent and Know-how licensing 
  •  Technology Transfer and Support at the industrialization stage
Three main types of services are proposed:

To perform these services, Capsulæ boasts a wide range of laboratory and pilot equipment that are specifically dedicated to microencapsulation (production of batches from few 10's of grams to few 10's of kilos), as well as a set of high-performance tools for analysis and characterization (microbiological and physico-chemical analyses laboratories):


  •  Particle size analysis: laser diffraction, image analysis
  •  Optical microscopy, SEM, CLSM ; Tomography
  •  Thermal analysis: DSC, TGA, DMA
  •  Chromatography: GC/MS, HPLC
  •  Spectroscopy: FTIR, UV-Vis/Fluorescence, NMR
  •  Powder characterization: Aw, %DM, poured & tapped densities, flowability, porosity…
  •  Rheological analysis; Surface tension analysis; Zeta potential analysis
  •  Stability and release tests