Natural Products and Biocontrol, 21-23 September 2016

Capsulæ will participate to the next edition of the Natural Products and Biocontrol Congres which will take place at Perpignan (France), 21-23 September 2016.

The activity of biocontrol products depend on numerous biotic interactions implying secondary metabolisms.

Microencapsulation often constitutes a key technology for effective implementation of biocontrol solutions.

NPBC 2016 GB

The Natural Products and Biocontrol Congress covers the whole research about the natural components involved in biocontrol processes.

The natural compounds involved in the interactions are either exogenous to the plant (active components of a vegetal extract, microbial metabolite, pheromons) or endogenous (produced by a plant in response of an elicitor). Therefore the Congress also covers the research in the vegetal response to elicitors and phytostimulus. It is open to scientists, technicians, industrials whose research are centred on biocontrol and natural products.
Several main events will take place during the Congress : plenary conferences, scientific presentation (oral or poster), BtoB rendez-vous, and discussions between participants.