Microencapsulation as technological solution
to a multitude of industrial problems

Microencapsulation includes all the technologies that allow the coating or entrapment of active ingredients inside individual particles which the size varies from several microns to several millimeters.

Encapsulating an active principle meets four main objectives which can be combined:

  • Immobilization (e.g., enzymes used during continuous bioconversion processes, volatile aromatic compounds in detergency)
  • Protection or stabilization against adverse environmental factors (e.g., probiotic bacteria in a gastric medium, fish oil in infant milk formula)
  • Controlled or delayed release on the action site (e.g., additives for concrete, semen in the field of artificial insemination)
  • Functionnalization or structuration (e.g., converting oil into powder form, taste and odor masking, improving the flow properties of a powder, visual aspect and marketing)




Microencapsulation is present in all areas of the industrial sector, and there are more and more ways in which it can be applied. Yet, the existence of a large number of techniques, as well as the multitude of parameters at stake, make the choices in this field of expertise difficult for a novice.


Based on a unique experience acquired over more than 20 years through multiple industrial collaborations and an active role played in international networks, Capsulæ offers to its clients a thorough/transversal and personalized accompaniment during the development of their microencapsulated products, from the design to the industrialization stage.