Capsulæ, the development of microencapsulated products
from start to finish

Founded in 2006, Capsulæ is a company composed of experts with an experience of over 20 years in the active principles encapsulation field for a wide spectrum of applications.


Capsulæ recently gathered with the company Innov'ia, specialized in tailor made powder solutions, to open new perspectives. From now on, Capsulæ is able to increase its project industrialization capacity.

Since 2007, the organization is approved by the French Research tax credit. Capsulæ is also a member of France Innovation since 2018.

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Through numerous collaborative projects and strategic partnerships, Capsulæ plays an active role in several networks involving institutional, industrial and academic partners. Therefore, it is active on different scales, which can be national or international:


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Firmly established thanks to a dynamic participation in these large networks, Capsulæ remains constantly aware of the latest progress and innovations related to micro-encapsulation.​